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.:Secrets:. {Hiccup x Reader} 1
In the prologue, Hiccup is the scrawny, (somewhat) attractive kid. This takes place a couple months after Toothless and Hiccup save Berk and the Dragons from the Red Death. Most of the chapters after this will take place in HTTYD 2, a few of them will be flashbacks to HTTYD 1. okay? okay.
This takes places in HTTYD 2

“Okay, so maybe I did get my directions mixed up a little, but you can't exactly blame me. The clouds are extremely thick today.” You said while folding your arms, giving your Stormcutter a pouty face as he swooped down towards the sea, the tips of his big wings gliding across the salty water. “I'm more than sure we're heading the right way though, I can feel it.” You hummed while laying back, looking at your nails before staring up at the deep blue sky in complete boredom, starting to grow bored with flying. Your stomach began grumbling fiercely at you, and you realized that you were extremely famished. “What do you say boy, h
:iconimmaderp:ImmaDerp 71 17
Zombie AU { Hiro Hamada / Reader }
The 'all my friends are either dead or flesh-eating zombies, and now it's my job to find a cure' AU
Hiro pulled the butt of the gun back steadily, listening intently as the bullet clicked into the chamber before placing it in its holster on his hip. He took a look at his watch and gritted his teeth in annoyance, licking his dry lips as he pulled on a shirt and a pair of his khaki’s. Running a hand through his shaggy black hair, he pulled on his combat boots and laced them up tight, listening to the creaky radio as it attempted to spit out 'Radioactive' by Imagine Dragons. Pulling on his jet black hoodie, he lifted his heavy book bag and looked around the desolate room once more before walking to the door and giving it a harsh tug open. Taking a step out of the room, he casted a look back and swallowed dryly, looking at the peeling paint, busted windows, and cracked floorboards.
Shaking his head, he took a step down the old, rickety stairs.
It'd been five years si
:iconimmaderp:ImmaDerp 78 16
| Monster | (Liam Dunbar x Reader) Ch 2
| authors note |
      There is no violence in this chapter.
You wanted to stay home, the indents of fingernails clearly visible on your neck as you begged your Mom to let you stay. She was stern, tapping her foot impatiently before sending you upstairs to get dressed out of your pajamas. You didn't say anything as you trudged up the stairs in silence, slowly dreading the day ahead of you. You hadn't seen Liam since the attack, and every phone call and text he sent you, you completely ignored. He had tried to kill you, almost strangled you to death, and you didn't want an apology. Slipping out of your pajamas, you changed into jeans and a hoodie, hoping to cover up the bruises left behind by Liam.
The ride to school was quiet, your eyes focused on your trembling hands as you tried to remember what had happened between you and Liam. He went crazy. You tried to convince yourself as you stepped out of your Mom's car, slinging your bag over your shoulder with a sigh. Imme
:iconimmaderp:ImmaDerp 29 3
Mature content
| Monster | (Liam Dunbar x Reader) Ch 1 :iconimmaderp:ImmaDerp 26 2
Honey Bunny (Derek Hale x Reader)
“Come on Derek! You'll look so cute.” You giggled, knocking on the door of your shared bedroom.
“I look ridiculous.” He barked from the other side of the door, growling when you let out a laugh. “I'm not coming out and you can forget it.”
“Aw come on Der, it'll only be for five minutes and then you can take it off. No one else is here except you and me.”
“You'll take pictures.”
“I promise I won't.”
“You'll laugh.”
“I won't! I promise, now come on.” You pouted softly, even though he couldn't see your face. He still didn't open the door. “If you're not going to come out, then I'm not going to kiss you.”
“For an entire year.”
You heard a groan from the other side and smirked, taking a few steps back. The door slowly inched open and out stepped Derek Hale in a pink bunny suit with matching ears. You suppressed a laugh, pressing a hand to your mouth to ke
:iconimmaderp:ImmaDerp 153 2
Anxious {Hiro Hamada x Reader} TEASER
You couldn't fall asleep.
It was as simple as that. Falling asleep meant you were susceptible to nightmares, and nightmares were not good. You were diagnosed with anxiety from a young age, and that made it really bad when trying to fall asleep. It was ok for the first few years, you weren't that anxious about things, but recently your fears spiked and sent you into crazy dreams that kept you awake for days on end.
That was, until a certain messy haired genius came into your life.
At first you were scared to tell Hiro about your anxiety, he wasn't the most comfortable person to talk to in the first place. And only just starting the relationship, you were afraid he would leave. It wasn't until Baymax, your absolute best friend, had diagnosed you with having slight signs insomnia, that the secret came out of the bag. You remembered that day, baggy clothes, dark circles, wide terrified orbs that screamed 'help me'.
Hiro was shocked, you were a very cheerful and outgoing person, to think yo
:iconimmaderp:ImmaDerp 46 5
Slenderman {Hiro x Reader}
You shuddered softly and stared at the dark computer screen, your headphones blocking the sounds from the busyness of the Lucky Cat Café. You walked into the dark bathroom area, your heart immediately picking up speed and pounding against your chest. The sound of bass drums thundered in your ear loudly and the flashlight was going really dim it was starting to worry you.
You needed one more page.
You were so engrossed in the game you didn't see your boyfriend of three years sneaking up behind you, a smirk on his face when he saw what you were playing on his laptop. He slipped up behind you and grabbed the headphones, leaning down slowly so you wouldn't feel it as he moved the earphone off your ear.
"Boo." You heard a small voice whisper in your ear, hot breath running down your spine.
You screamed loudly, falling out of your chair before crashing into Hiro Hamada, your boyfriend, on the way down. The noise in the crowded cafe stopped and you whimpered, looking up at Hiro when he s
:iconimmaderp:ImmaDerp 276 34
Telepathy {Human!Baymax x Reader} 1/2
“She is so ugly.”
“Who did her hair? She looks like a six year old.”
“What is she wearing? Doesn't she know Converse are so last year?”

You hung your head as you walked through the halls of San Fransokyo High, tears welling up in your (color) irises. Ever since you found out you were telepathic, your life seemed to spiral out of control. You learned about your parents divorcing, how other people viewed you, about your boyfriends plans to dump you, and even how your “best friend” used you to get into the popular crowd. It made you sick to your stomach, you were absolutely disgusted with the way people thought and acted. You planned to dump your boyfriend as soon as you saw him, tell off your “best friend”, and even planned to have a talk with your mother and father.
You sniffled softly when you stepped out into the cold air of the city, pulling your jacket closer to you as you bounded down the cement steps, the soles of
:iconimmaderp:ImmaDerp 181 26
Opposites Attract {Wasabi x Reader Drabble}
He never could understand how he came to love you, especially given certain circumstances. He was a neat freak with OCD, and you were messy and could barely keep your room clean. It drove him insane when you'd enter the room with mismatched socks and two different shoes. He'd scold you, saying you need to "get organized" and "you'll never hold a job if your messy", but you'd just giggle and kiss him on his cheek, then quickly leave for school.
Wasabi really didn't know why he loved you, but he did. He loved you to the moon and back and wouldn't trade you for the world.
After all, opposites attract.
:iconimmaderp:ImmaDerp 111 14
Partially Deaf {Hiro Hamada x Reader}
That's all you heard as you covered your ears in a vain attempt to comfort yourself. The slick feeling of blood trickled down the side of your face as you gasped for air, crouching behind a busted piece of the Krei Corporations building to escape Callaghan's microbots. Your suit was tattered, ripped to shreds from all the damage you had taken, your helmet's faceplate was shattered completely, effectively cutting off your scanner, and not only that, the whole left side had been blown off, the side where most of your blood flowed. You couldn't hear anything from your left side, nor could you hear the team desperately calling out for you, the speaker in your helmet broken from the blast it had sustained. You were panicking, your breaths speeding up until you were more than sure you were hyperventilating.
You slipped your hand up the side of your helmet, pressing the button that activated your microphone. You took a shaky intake of breath, and let it out slowly. “This
:iconimmaderp:ImmaDerp 446 87
Still { Hiccup x Reader } Part 4
Hiccup was pale, his bright green eyes now dim with worry as his hands trembled and patted Toothless's head. You sat next to Hiccup and pulled your feet up while scratching Toothless's chin, letting a small sigh leave your lips at his heavy breathing. Toothless had been like this for an hour now, and Hiccup was starting to blame himself for it, even though you pointed out that Toothless had wanted to help him fight the Silver Phantom. “It's all my fault.” Hiccup started again, hanging his head with a shameful sigh. “Toothless would be okay if it weren't for me.”
You shook your head and threw your arms around the young viking's shoulders, pressing into him. “It isn't your fault Hiccup. Toothless fought bravely and you should be proud of him.” You mumbled quietly, rubbing your hand over his back to soothe him. Hiccup shook his head, and mumbled something into your shoulder. You pulled back to look into his sad eyes and let out a small sigh. “Hicc
:iconimmaderp:ImmaDerp 169 46
.:Roses:. //Hiro Hamada x Reaper!Reader\\
Hiro curled up in his bed, the cold air causing goosebumps to rise on his arms. It had been a week since the death of his brother, Tadashi, and the pain Hiro felt was only getting deeper. He felt like it was him who had died, not Tadashi. He had spent the week alone in his own sorrow stuffing himself full of pastries to comfort himself, only to turn around with his head in the toilet puking. He knew he shouldn't be eating so much that he got sick, but he couldn't help it. It was his comfort.
That's what he was doing now, opening up a tub of cookies a neighbor had given him and Aunt Cass as a condolence. They smelled so good, and they were homemade. He picked one up and examined it, taking in a familiar smell. He wondered if he should eat it, he had already stuffed himself full of brownies, he wasn't feeling so well. He shook his head anyway, and took a bite into the cookie, savoring the rich flavor. He froze softly, a funny feeling was starting to form in his mouth and he quickly spit
:iconimmaderp:ImmaDerp 246 43
.:Secrets:. {Hiccup x Reader} Intro
I'm going to try to clarify this now to save a little bit of confusion in the future. In this prologue, Hiccup is the scrawny, (somewhat) attractive kid. This takes place a couple months after Toothless and Hiccup save Berk and the Dragons from the Red Death. Most of the chapters after this will take place in HTTYD 2, a few of them will be flashbacks to HTTYD 1. okay? okay. :)
Hiccup walked the empty village alone, his heart pounding in his chest as he neared his destination. Part of him cried out inside to run and hide, that this was all just a trap, but the other part in him was just as curious as he was. Earlier in the day he had run into (Name) (LName), his absolute best friend since they were three. She was in quite a hurry, hastily shoving a letter into his hands before bolting, leaving the soon-to-be chief calling after her. He was confused beyond any doubt, (Name) never looked so nervous and jittery before, and it actually worried him. What if something was se
:iconimmaderp:ImmaDerp 110 9
Motorcycle Ride {Hiro Hamada x Reader}
“A-Are you sure about this?! This doesn't look very safe.” You whimpered softly, wrapping your arms around Hiro's waist tightly, burying your face into the back of his shoulder blades anxiously. You had never ridden a motorcycle before, and it always made you nervous when Hiro got ready to ride home to his aunt's cafe. Of course, Hiro teased you nonstop about it, but he always promised to wear his helmet and always said he'd call you when he got to his destination. This made you feel a tad bit better, but the fear you felt never went away when you saw his figure ride off.
Hiro turned his head to look at you, a small smirk lighting his features as he revved up the engine to the motorcycle. His light brown eyes were glazed over with excitement, and the corner of his eyes crinkled as he let out a laugh. Even at the tender age of 24, Hiro still looked the same way he did when you two had first met at the age of 15. “C'mon (Name), your not that scared are you?” Hiro
:iconimmaderp:ImmaDerp 229 20
Still { Hiccup x Reader } Part 3
So I'm like really bad at writing fighting scenes, and especially ones with dragons so I apologize for that. Also I apologize for the awful ending as well. Also, Stoic really has no importance in this chapter, I don't even know I included him when he only had 1 speaking line. Also, Author-chan, really hates this chapter .-.
You heard the cry of a dragon, and the weight on top of you disappeared, as if the dragon had vanished into thin air. You heard a cry from the beast and you thought something, or someone, had joined the battle. Your suspicions were confirmed when a familiar dragon call rang through the forest, but you couldn't quite tell which one it was. You kept your eyes shut and listened to the intense quarrel, you heard dragons crash into each other, branches cracking, shots of fire and possibly plasma ring out. You heard the cry of the first dragon as it got rammed into a tree, the sound of thick branches cracking, and your heart stopped when you heard
:iconimmaderp:ImmaDerp 108 22
Still { Hiccup x Reader } Part 2
“Hiccup.” You whispered softly when his lips left your own soft ones, making a trail down to the base of your neck. You shivered underneath his lips and swallowed dryly, heart thumping wildly in your chest as his fingers touched bare skin. His touch was like a raging fire running through a forest, and it left you gasping for air. Hiccup looked up at you with a warm gaze and leaned his forehead against yours, giving you a genuine smile despite the guilt showing in his eyes.
Hiccup's hand cupped your cheek and he planted a final kiss on your mouth before pulling away. “I just needed to kiss you, one last time.” He admitted, starting for the door. You shivered and pulled your arms in closer to you, listening attentively as each step neared the door. You heard the door open, and you bit your lip to keep from calling out.
He was gone, just like that, and man did an unbearable pain settle on your aching heart. You heard the sound of powerful wings and that's when you
:iconimmaderp:ImmaDerp 126 7


Distraction- Obi-Wan Kenobi x Reader
   “No, more like this [f/n], try and copy my movements. We’ll start slowly, all right?”
   You sighed and straightened, arching your back to give the sore muscles a stretch before dropping back down into the proper position, doing your best to mirror your instructor, holding your training lightsaber close to your body. The instrument hummed with power, pulsing with a soft blue light as you slowly progressed through the footwork for the series you were having difficulty with.
   “Good, you’re doing well, keep going,” Obi-Wan Kenobi encouraged, watching your movements with a practised eye. “Now for the leap.”
   You nodded, increasing your speed before ducking to the side, slashing out with your lightsaber and rolling to the side, tucking your legs close to your body before pushing off from the floor in a flurry of movement. You sailed upwards, your power aided by the Force as you kicked off the wall
:iconsupernova750:Supernova750 152 9
gladion x reader [only me]
"Oh, but Gladion, you should've seen him in action I mean, he was absolutely gorgeous! I still can't believe I got to battle alongside the Steven Stone!"
Sitting beside you on the floor in front of your Champion's throne, Gladion nodded mindlessly, his eyebrows furrowing amidst your fangirling. 
Weren't you happy with Gladion? Why would you talk so much about other men? (Gladion, he tried reasoning with himself, they brought up another man once) Much less Steven? What was so great about that stone-obsessed old man? (A lot, actually, and Gladion knew this, but preferred not to acknowledge it for the time being)
I mean, sure, he was taller and had broader shoulders than Gladion, but that's only because he was 25! He's had plenty of time to grow! A-and yeah, he dresses pretty nicely, and he totally rocks (oh no, an unintentional pun, end him) that suit that he always dons - but what else would you expect from the heir of a large a
:iconp-d-atric:p-d-atric 77 27
The Last Night [Gladion x Reader]
This is the last night you'll spend alone. Look me in the eyes so I know you know
I'm everywhere you want me to be.
The last night you'll spend alone, I'll wrap you in my arms and I won't let go.
I'm everything you need me to be.
Your [e/c] eyes flew open and you frenetically looked around your surroundings. It took a moment for you to recollect that you were the residential quarters of the Aether Foundation following the day’s events. After returning from Po Town to hear that Lillie and Nebby had been kidnapped by Aether, you had infiltrated them with the assistance of Hau and Gladion. A difficult day of continuous battling had accumulated in you finding Lillie and Nebby, but not without Lusamine and Guzma vanishing into a wormhole in pursuit of an Ultra Beast. You were then offered the chance for a much-needed rest by Wicke.
Your eyes ultimately settled on the panicked expressions of both the Rotom Dex and your partner Pokém
:iconpiersxnivanss:PiersxNivanss 258 40
Out There by c-t-elder Out There :iconc-t-elder:c-t-elder 197 4 Sylveon by Indiefoxtail Sylveon :iconindiefoxtail:Indiefoxtail 301 26 Eeveeloution: Ghost Type Spectreon by Galefaux Eeveeloution: Ghost Type Spectreon :icongalefaux:Galefaux 56 16
Promises (Steven Stone x Reader)
The first promise he made to you was in a cave.
It was dark and cold, with nothing but the light from his Metagross to rely on. He seemed so out of place, wearing a fancy suit that somehow still looked clean. Even you had gotten a bit dirty from wandering everywhere just to deliver a stupid letter to a stupid person who stupidly decided to wander around in a stupid cave. Maybe you were also a bit tired and cranky.
He thanked you for bringing the letter to him, and asked you for your name. You told him, and he gave a polite "It's a pleasure to meet you" which you brushed off and asked if you could leave. Noticing your tired demeanor, he gave a simple chuckle and promised to meet you again, although you thought nothing of it at the time. All you really wanted at the moment was sleep.
The second promise he made to you was in Mossdeep City.
Coincidentally, or maybe not so much, you two had met up with each other, and you greeted him with, "Who are you again?"
He was much more patient than
:iconanemonesmile:anemonesmile 32 14
Blue Oak X Reader: Pick-Up Lines
Sitting on your (fully evolved Kanto starter), you were waiting patiently for your boyfriend to finish his battle outside of his gym. Smiling like an idiot, you started thinking about your favourite spiky-haired brunet. Sure, the young gym leader was cocky, hot-headed, annoying and mean at some times, a pervert but with you, it’s like if he was under a spell. He would be kind, caring, overprotective, and quite the gentleman. Not to forget he was extremely smart, strong, talented, and handsome. What you loved the most about him was his gorgeous and charming smile.
The famous Blue Oak had two different kinds of smile. One that belonged to everyone, including his fangirls, and one that belonged to you and only you. The second smile expressed his eternal love for you. There was passion, lust, hope, concern, honesty and most of all, love.
You remembered the reason why he didn’t want you to wait for him by watching his match. He had told that he would be distracted if you were in
:iconlaurasanya:laurasanya 212 86
Gold X Reader - I'm in Love
It was a beautiful Sunday morning, and as always, Goldenrod City gleamed with happiness. Adults enjoying the radio show, children playing with their Pokémon or even elderly trying to ride bikes seem to make the city’s inner personality vivid.
But there was a particular young girl; with high hopes and dreams, she had heard that there was a daycare center out of town nearby. With her curiosity, (name) decided to explore the place a little.
Meanwhile, a boy, with Raven Black hair and Golden eyes, with that goofy grin and his trademark red jacket of his, Gold did a few push ups before getting up, exhausted from the intense workout. “Ahh, Gold. What are you doing my dear?” An older lady chuckles, with her wrinkled fists clenched up on her mouth.
Gold flinched from the old lady’s comment; he turned around to spot his grandmother, watching him.
“Grandma!” Gold frowns.
“Oh, Gold...Who are you trying to impress now?” His grandmother teases.
:iconpoke-girl333:Poke-girl333 151 105
Jungle Adventures With Treecko by RileyKitty Jungle Adventures With Treecko :iconrileykitty:RileyKitty 962 78 Daigo-sama by kawacy Daigo-sama :iconkawacy:kawacy 3,620 86
Never Leave my Side (Calem x Reader)
You sat at Lumiose station, twiddling your thumbs. This was your last moment in the Kalos region.
You were moving to the Johto region. One of the gym leaders had dropped out of the league, and you were referred to as their replacement. You would fight challengers with (y/f/t)-type Pokemon. It was depressing to leave the place you were born and raised in, but the Johto region was full of many more opportunities for you.
It was also pretty depressing to leave behind Calem. He was your childhood friend, and supported you in everything. But this was the one thing you knew he wouldn’t approve of.
You tried to tell him yesterday by asking him to meet you at Cafe Soleil. You talked with him for about two hours, and the cheery mood he was in kept your bad news caught in your mouth. And just as he was about to leave, you tried to tell him. But before you could, he took your hand in his own and kissed it. Calem referred to you as his girlfriend, and left with blush and a smile.
But he left
:iconrhaynestorm:RhayneStorm 125 35
His Heart Belonged To His Jake by Jayie-The-Hufflepuff His Heart Belonged To His Jake :iconjayie-the-hufflepuff:Jayie-The-Hufflepuff 182 66
Destiny Bond [Morty x Reader]
Trembling fingers wrapped around a Poké Ball.
Pink tongue sliding out to wet parched lips.
Clammy skin prickling with sweat.
Voice laced with determination.
“Today’s the day.”
The Ecruteak Gym loomed before her like a mountain. The glass doors gave way to the dark world within, one full of mischievous spirits and fog as thick as storm clouds. She scanned the outside with (e/c) eyes—a familiar sight, being that this would be the fifth time she would challenge the Gym Leader who dwelled within the ominous building’s dark walls.
Swallowing back the swollen lump in her throat, she yanked open the set of double doors and stepped inside, heart momentary forgetting to beat the moment her feet rested on the creaky wooden floor of the Ghost-type Gym. The hazy fog seemed to caress her skin like invisible hands, sending cold shivers up and down her spine as the (h/c) girl carefully walked forward, biting her lip hard enough to draw blood. Instantly, the lamps illumin
:iconlupus-astra:lupus-astra 439 94
Daily Paint #1139. Thesaurus by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint #1139. Thesaurus :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 4,700 218
More than Friendly Encounters Hiro Hamada x Reader
Previous Part: Male Encounters -->
Contains mildly mature content, but honestly this is the more pg version. I made a slightly more adult version and put it on my tumblr.
“It’s gotten kind of quiet over there.  How’s it going?” Hiro asks you from his computer chair.
You’re sitting on his bed, your advanced biology text book in front of you as you work on your homework.  “Still working on homework, Hiro.  Not everyone can finish a week’s worth of homework in an hour,” you respond, flipping through the pages of your book.
“What’s wrong?  Distracted by thoughts of my-”
“Hiro!” you cut him off in a warning tone.  It’s been two weeks, and he still won’t let it go.
He laughs and continues working on his computer.  You bit
:iconkatgirl28:katgirl28 525 118



It's been an entire year since I've posted any sort of story on here and I feel bad because I left a lot of stories untold and a lot of loose ends needed to be tied up but I just couldn't do it. I couldn't write for the longest time, and I know it's not an excuse but I just couldn't. I had no energy, no spark, no motivation to even keep going, and I just hate that I fell out of love with writing but I did. One reason I stopped posting on here is simply because I had a Wattpad and a Tumblr I had to keep up with too. I didn't really use Wattpad (desertedgalaxies) though so I moved on to my Tumblr writings (teenagedtravesty if you're looking for my side blog) and was there for a while, but then I just stopped too.  

Another big part of why I stopped writing is because of my depression and how shitty I felt. There were days I would wake up, and the first thing I did was cry, and I've been trying to get better, but nothing really works. There are moments when I feel so happy, I pick up my computer and open my word document, and then as soon as I put my fingers on the keyboard, I blank, and then I get sad for blanking and it's a cycle.

The last big big big reason I gave up is because I'm a senior in high school. I don't have time to do anything anymore. I'm committing to colleges this year, I'm graduating, I have to keep up with my class rank, I'm in National Honor Society, in the band, in so many clubs, and it's just too much.

Forgive me

I only dropped by to say I am so sorry for being gone for so long. I know it's been a couple months since my last story but everything is just really hectic right now. My personal life is just really messy and a lot is just going on in my life, and I've just been feeling really down the past few months and feeling very unmotivated and yeah. At some point, I do plan on finishing Roses and Telepathy and maybe even some of my longer fics but I'm just not feeling them right now. I do promise to finish them, but for now (and like the past year) I'm on a hiatus. Please understand that I'm getting ready to graduate soon, and with that I have a lot of summer work and college visits that I need to do and just a lot of preparations, and on top of that, I do have a job, so yeah, don't worry, I will return, but for now I'm kinda inactive.



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Hey, I do plan on returning, but just not right now, okay?

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